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Canned Output Data From Use Cases

All data from these use cases has been run in the following:


Aleks' Talks

Alan's Talk - 450K

Karin Michels Talk (October 2012 Workshop)

Kim Siegmund Talk (October 2012 Workshop)

Use cases

Use Case #1 - Genomewide Patterns of Methylation Distinguishes Blood, Cerebellum, and Cortex

Use Case #2 - Clustering of Breast Cell Types (via Epigenome Atlas)

Use Case #5 - Methylation of Specific Regions Discriminate Tissues Types Better Than Others

Use Case #9 - Coordinated Changes of Epigenomic Marks Across Tissue Types

Use Case #13 - Analysis of Epigenomic Variation in Breast Tumors

Use Case #14 - ChIP-Seq and mRNA-Seq Data Analysis via the Genboree Workench

Use Case #15 - Spark tool for epigenomic data exploration

Use Case #16 - Differential Expression Analysis of Two Breast Cancer Cell Lines Using Cuffdiff

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