6c. How do I create a forum in Genboree Commons?

You must be an administrator of a project to create a forum, and a project can have more than one administrator. An administrator of a project defines a list of forums in the Project Settings (authors and subscribers can not create forums). The forums allow users in a project to communicate with each other by creating Conversations (i.e. threads) within the forums.

Each project can have one or more discussion forums. Each forum has the following properties:
  • Name: The text you want to be displayed to identify the discussion forum. This field is required.
  • Description: A short description to describe the subject of the specific forum. This field is required.

To add a topic in a given forum, click on the forum name, then click on New Conversation. You can now enter a subject, a body and attach files to your message.

Two options are available (this is usually left as default. That is, you don't need to select anything here):
  • sticky: if checked, the topic will stay displayed at the top of topic list, in bold
  • locked: if checked, users can not add replies to the message

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