6b. How do I create a project in Genboree Commons?

Click on Projects (upper left of page), then on New Project (upper right of page). Fill in all the fields. A description of some of the fields is shown below, under General Settings. The Project Identifier is used internally by Redmine (for URLs and other things). Once created, you will not need to use the Project Identifier again.

The following General Settings are available:

• Name: project display name (must be unique).
• Subproject of: lets you define a parent project to the project being created. Projects can be unlimitedly nested.
• Description: description that appears on the project overview.
• Identifier: used by the application for various things (eg. in URLs). It must be unique. Once the project is created, it identifier cannot be modified.
• Homepage: homepage-link that appears on the project overview.
• Public: if checked, the project can be viewed by all the users, including those who are not members of the project. If unchecked, only the project members have access to it, according to their role.

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