What data can I upload for analysis onto Genboree?

The answer to this question will require knowing a few things about your data:

  1. What type of analysis do you wish to conduct? (Cistrome (Chip-Seq), Transcriptome (RNA-Seq), Genome (variant detection), Epigenome, Metagenome (16S rRNA))
  2. From what organism does the data originate (i.e. human)? If you list an organism, what reference release of the organism do you have data for (i.e. human hg19, mouse mm10, etc.)?
  3. What is the file format? (BED, BAM/SAM, etc)
  4. How many samples do you have data for? What are the file sizes per sample? What is the file size for the entire experiment? (10GB, 30GB, etc)
  5. From what sequencing platform was the data generated? (i.e. Illumina GAIIx, etc.)
  6. Type of analysis desired (i.e. use RNA-Seq tools to map reads and splice junctions using tophat, use microbiome tools to produce alpha and beta diversity, etc.)

Your response is required for us to initiate the data upload process with you. Please send the answers to the above questions to . We will follow up with you to make sure we have a complete understanding of your data analysis needs before initiating the upload process. Once we have a clear understanding of the data set, we will send you instructions on how to transfer data to our FTP in order to start the data upload process.

If you wish to upload 27K or 450K data, please follow this tutorial:

Also available in: PDF