How do I copy / move tracks from one database to another?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in if necessary
  3. Click on the 'Workbench' tab or directly visit the Workbench
  4. Expand the Group that contains your Database that you would like to copy tracks TO
  5. Expand 'Databases'
  6. Drag your target database from the 'Data Selector' window over into the 'Output Targets' window
  7. Expand the Group that contains the Database of tracks that you would like to copy tracks FROM
  8. Expand 'Databases'
  9. Expand the Database containing the tracks you wish to copy
  10. Expand 'Tracks'
  11. Expand the 'Class' of tracks you are interested in (i.e. 'Class:High Density Score Data')
  12. Drag the tracks that you wish to copy to the 'Input Data' window (NOTE: you also have the option to drag accros an entire database or class of tracks if you find that more convenient)
  13. Click the 'Data' tab, followed by 'Tracks', and then select 'Copy/Move Tracks'
  14. If you wish to copy tracks leave the 'Copy Tracks?' radio button selected. If you want to move the tracks, click the 'Move Tracks?' radio button.
  15. Click 'Submit'

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