How Do I Upload Files Onto The Workbench? Generic Example

  1. Go to
  2. Log in if necessary
  3. Click on the 'Workbench' tab or directly visit the Workbench
  4. Expand the Group that contains your Database that you would like to upload files to
  5. Expand 'Databases'
  6. Drag your target database from the 'Data Selector' window over into the 'Output Targets' window
  7. Select the 'Data' tab, the 'Files' tab, and then the 'Transfer File' tab
  8. Click the 'Choose File' button and select the file you wish to upload
  9. If you are uploading a multi-file archive (aka. a compressed file that contains multiple files), check the 'Unpack Multi-File Archive' check box
  10. Optionally type in a sub-folder into the 'Create in Sub-Folder' text area if you would like to place the uploaded file in a folder other than the 'File' folder
  11. Optionally type in a file description into the 'File Description' text area
  12. Click 'Submit'

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