Currently in development, GenboreeStack combines our Rails/Redmine-based application plugins plus attendant REST API-enabled lower-level services in a SaaS layer together with an IaaS layer to permit instances of the SasS applications to instantiate in a multi-cloud scenario.

Thus far, our efforts have focused on the applications, which are generally implemented as plugins for the open source Rails-based Redmine team collaboration software.

We have already released several application plugins using this architecture, including:

Several others are under development or conversion to this architecture, including:


We have proposed to develop Genomically Indexed Virtual Biorepository (GENVY) software, whose user interfaces would be implemented in a similar manner and interact via APIs with structured data within GenboreeKB or with the purpose-built GENVY VariantStore for scalable storage & lookup of sample allele associations (the latter leveraging the CAIDs of our scalable Allele Registry).

As part of that proposal, we aim to incorporate IaaS-level APIs in order to seamlessly support elastic provisioning for not only web server and lower-level service workers, but also for data processing pipelines and user-invoked analysis tools. Currently:

  • Data processing pipelines, such as those used to process the TB of submitted mapping data for the exRNA Atlas, run on our batch execution cluster. Programmatic elastic provisioning would reduce the up-front capital investment and eliminate paying for idle cycles.
  • Similarly, user-submitted analysis exRNA Atlas jobs currently run on our batch execution cluster, but costs could be better assigned by employing elastic provisioning on a cloud to which the user has access.