The Virtual Biorepository (VBR) aims to connect researchers in need of biosamples with geographically distributed researchers in possession of shareable biosamples, and to assist in arranging biosample exchange. The VBR Hub search functionality allows scientists to identify biosamples via metadata provided by the participating institutions. Multiple provider institutions may be involved in a single order, and the VBR Hub helps manage the researcher's interaction with each institution.
NOTE: This is a beta release of the VBR Hub currently under development. The release focuses primarily on:
  • Searching for samples
  • Saving queries and search results
  • Downloading a tab-delimited copy of your search results
  • Adding samples to your Cart and submitting the Cart to make an order
Future releases will complete the support for help & how-to resources, and an overhaul of this home page.
Total Biosamples:58,465