Prepare Your qPCR Data Archive

qPCR Data Files

  • This archive is OPTIONAL.
  • This archive is collected and stored in the Genboree database and are NOT validated. Submission of these files are purely for archival purposes ONLY.
  • The data archive will contain all of your qPCR data files.
    IMPORTANT NOTE - Preferably, each input file in your data archive will be linked to a sample in the RUN metadata file. You'll read more when completing your metadata archive.
  • The files can be in RDML format or any other custom format of data files from any qPCR platform.
  • It is acceptable for individual files to be compressed before being inserted into the archive.
    • For example, your archive can contain .gz or .zip files.

Format of qPCR Data Archive

  • The data archive's file name must end in _qPCR_data.
    • For example, "" would be valid. So would "exRNA_qPCR_data.tar.gz".
  • The data archive should have a compression format of .tar.gz or .zip.

If you need help creating an archive, please visit the Creating an Archive page.

  • No folders are allowed in your data archive.
  • Remove the special folder __MACOSX that is added automatically when you prepare the archive in a Mac computer.

Also available in: HTML TXT