Link to the Human Epigenome Atlas
(PDF) Slides providing overview of the use cases and highlights some of the tools in epigenome toolset integrated in Geboree Workbench.

Introduction to Genboree Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial - Introduction to Genboree

Use Cases. NOTE- These four use cases will be covered in the Tuesday Workshop. We look forward to seeing you then!

Use Case 18 - Mapping ontogenetic pathways of cellular differentiation using Human Epigenome Atlas data and the epigenome toolset within the Genboree

Use Case 19 - Assessing cellular differentiation by cluster analysis of functional genetic elements identified by epigenetic mapping

  • Supplemental Slides (PDF)

Use Case 20 - Exploring the role of epigenetics in myeloid cancer using reference epigenomes from the Human Epigenome Atlas

Use Case 21 - Detecting shifts in cell type composition in complex tissues using lineage specific markers and reference epigenomes from the Epigenome Atlas

Other Useful Information

FAQs relating to Epigenome Toolset

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