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Project Description
Allelic Epigenome Project   Page_white_wrench

Data sharing of the allelic imbalance dataset generated from the Allelic Epigenome Project.

In the GenboreeKB tab, you can explore the data through our UI. Data is separated by chromosome number. If you are interested in downloading the data in bulk, you can download it from our FTP server at:

Extracellular RNA Atlas   User_comment Page_white_wrench

Project backing as of 2016/10/18. This project has the latest Redmine plugin for the public exRNA Atlas. The models are updated as of late June 2016.

Extracellular RNA Atlas - Public Holding Area   Page_white_wrench

This project (and the associated GenboreeKB) is meant for temporarily storing metadata before it is placed into the public Atlas. This helps keep the actual public Atlas KB clean (no partial or broken submissions, for example).

GenboreeKB Introduction   Page_white_wrench This project contains resources to introduce GenboreeKB to new users.
Resources available in this project:
  • A test GenboreeKB with example collections and documents
  • Wiki pages describing features of GenboreeKB
Metabolomics Data Portal  

The Metabolomics Data Portal

The Metabolomics Data Portal is a diagnostics tool for untargeted metabolomics data. This application visualizes individuals’ metabolomics data and implements the network-assisted diagnostic functionalities featured in this paper. ...

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