Each cell in this grid indicates the total number of biosamples collected and profiled for exRNAs from a biofluid-assay type combination.
Click the number in the cell to view key metadata about the relevant biosamples:
  • The biosample metadata document can be viewed in the GenboreeKB UI by clicking the Biosample Accession ID in the last column.
  • Quality control metrics are displayed for each sample. You can learn more about the QC metrics by visiting the ERC Consortium QC Standards page.
  • Download all result files or all core result files by clicking the "Download Samples" button at the top of the grid. You can also download all the raw data files in FASTQ format if the data is open access. Finally, you can download the metadata files (biosample, donor, and experiment) for a single sample. View this tutorial for more details on Batch Download of data files.
  • Process your samples through comparative and downstream analysis tools by clicking the "Go To Genboree Workbench" button at the top of the grid. View this tutorial for more details on Comparative and Downstream Analysis of data files.

Legend of icons, listed in the order in which they appear in the grid columns: (Mouse over each icon in the grid for more information)

Download Data
Download Icon Download the processed core results archive for that biosample, with mapped read counts for various RNA types. Understanding exceRpt RNA-seq analysis results Wiki page provides descriptions of various result files and their contents.
Download FASTQ Download the FASTQ file, if the dataset is already available in a public domain archive like SRA or GEO.
Embargoed Data This data is restricted access and is currently under the protected period (embargo). The embargo on this dataset ends after 12 months from the time the data is submitted to the DCC. View the ERC Consortium Data Access Policy for more details.
Controlled Access Data This data is deposited in the controlled access dbGaP archive. Click the Links to External Databases icon under the Actions column to view the dbGaP Study Id and contact the PI through dbGaP to get access to the raw FASTQ data files.

Download Metadata
Download Biosample Metadata Document Download the biosample metadata document.
Download Experiment Metadata Document Download the experiment metadata document.
Download Donor Metadata Document Download the donor metadata document.

Bar Chart Icon View a histogram of reads mapped to various libraries.
Links to External Databases View links to external databases like SRA, dbGaP, GEO, etc. if the data is available in a public domain archive or view the data access policy if the data is in the protected period (embargo).
Links to PubMed References View links to PubMed references, if available.