Genboree Icons Legend

Icon Name Description
Host The domain name of the Genboree host. The domain name of a given Genboree installation. You may see more than one host name if you are connected to other Genboree installations as part of the Genboree Network. The most common host for new users is
Group A "Group" contains Databases and Projects and controls access to all content within. You control access to your Group(s), and who is a member of your group. You can also belong to multiple Groups (i.e. collaborators).
Folder of Databases A folder within a Group that contains all the Databases belonging to that Group.
Database A Database contains Tracks, Lists, Sample Sets, Samples, and File. Each database can be associated with a reference genome.
Closed Folder A "Folder" contains files, tracks, lists, etc.
Open Folder A "Folder" contains files, tracks, lists, etc. that has been expanded.
Annotation Tracks Tracks have location information for the entry points (i.e. chromosomes) correlated with the reference genome that is associated with the Database.
Sample Set Folder A folder that contains Samples.
Sample Set A list of Samples.
Sample Folder The folder containing Samples.
Sample A "Sample" is a Database record corresponding to attributes that describe the Sample. For example, the breast cancer biopsy was 2 mm in diameter (attribute).
Files A "Folder" that may contain inputs for running jobs on Genboree Workbench tools, or outputs that were generated from the tools.
File Designates any type of file (i.e. zip, png, newick, text, etc).
Folder of Projects A "folder" that contains the Projects belonging to a Group.
Project A Project holds files that contain analysis results belonging to a Group.

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