Introduction to exRNA Metadata Standards

The infographic below will give you a better sense of how the different documents in the exRNA GenboreeKB relate to one another.

As an example, we see that any document in the "Study" collection will have a connection to a Submission document in its "Related Submissions" item list.
In other words, if you have a "Study" document, you must have a related "Submission" that the "Study" document falls under. Connections between collections
are made apparent through the use of red arrows and the red text within each collection's attributes ("Related Submission" for the "Study" collection, for example).
Note that the attribute list given in the infographic is merely a summary - you can look at the respective schema / templates for each collection below
to get a full list of the different properties that a given document within that collection will contain.

Finally, the box in the lower right corner of the infographic gives some information about how each document is named.
More details about how individual documents are named can be found in the exRNA Metadata Documents Accession section below.

Preparing Metadata Documents

Refer to the Prepare your Metadata Archive Wiki for more details.

GenboreeKB exRNA Metadata Tracking System

If you want to learn more about how the exRNA GenboreeKB works, you should check out the introductory materials here.

Below, you'll see some key features of our exRNA GenboreeKB Metadata Tracking System:

  • Front end User Interface - Redmine (Ruby-on-rails) application plug-in
  • Back end Database - MongoDB
GenboreeKB = Multiple Collections of Documents
  • Each metadata collection has its own document data model
  • Singly-Rooted Nested Collection of Properties
  • Data model - Defines “properties” and “property definitions”
  • Property Definitions - Fields describing each property like “domain”, “required”, “identifier”, “category”, “description”, etc
  • Key Features -
    • Browse, Manage documents
    • Browse, Manage data models
    • Queries
    • Views
    • Bulk upload of documents in JSON/Tabbed formats
    • Bulk download of documents in JSON/Tabbed formats
  • Dynamic retrieval and validation of ontology terms from Bioportal

Also available in: HTML TXT