Viewing Selected Biosamples in Grid via Faceted Search

It is easy to search for specific types of biosamples via our chart search. There are three different categories which you can use for your search:

You can select exRNA profiles by clicking the slices or names of facets in the charts above.

For example, if I wanted to search for biosamples that were either plasma or serum and were tagged as Alzheimer's disease, I would click the "Plasma", "Serum", and "Alzheimer's" facets.
Then, in order to complete the search, I would click the Search icon in the floating menubar.

This search will create a grid that looks like the following:

This search summary results grid will display key metadata about the relevant biosamples.
  • You can download the processed results for a given biosample by clicking its Arrow icon in the Actions column.
  • Similarly, you can view the histogram of the read counts mapped to various libraries for a given biosample by clicking
    its Bar Chart icon in the Actions column.
  • Finally, you can view the full biosample metadata document for a given biosample (in the GenboreeKB UI) by clicking
    its Accession ID in the Biosample column.
Tips and tricks:
  • If you want to search for all possible facets, you can click the Plus icon below the Search icon to select all facets.
  • To deselect any selected facets, click the X icon below the Search icon.

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