GenboreeKB exRNA Metadata Tracking System - Navigating the Metadata UI


Step-by-step Instructions to Use GenboreeKB

In order to see TEMPLATES and EXAMPLES for the various collections you'll be browsing, refer to exRNA Metadata Standards.


  • Log in to GenboreeKB using your Genboree user name and password.
  • If you are a member of the ERCC, you will be able to access both the public Atlas and private, ERCC-only Atlas.
    • In order to get access to the private Atlas KB, you will need to contact "Emily after you login for the first time.
    • One of us will grant you permission to see the private Atlas KB in your Projects page.
  • Non-ERCC members can only access the public Atlas.

GenboreeKB Basics

Select the Project "exRNA Metadata Standards"

Accessing exRNA Metadata GenboreeKB

Select Metadata Collection

Create New Metadata Documents

Add Sub-properties

Saving Document

Browse Existing Metadata

Search and Browse Existing Documents

Edit Existing Documents

Dynamic Retrieval of Bioportal Ontology Terms

Upload and Download Metadata

Bulk Upload of Docs

Download entire collection or a single document

Data Models

View Models

Also available in: HTML TXT