TABLE 1: List of Units supported by GenboreeKB

This table provides a list of all units that are currently supported by GenboreeKB.

Unit Name Display Name Aliases Kind Scalar Value Definition
<gee> xG ["gee", "standard-gravitation", "xG", "xg"] acceleration 196133/20000 ["<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<katal> kat ["kat", "katal"] activity 1 ["<mole>"]/["<second>"]
<unit> U ["U", "enzUnit", "units", "unit"] activity 1/60000000 ["<mole>"]/["<second>"]
<degree> deg ["deg", "degree", "degrees"] angle 0.0174532925199433 ["<radian>"]/["<1>"]
<grad> grad ["grad", "gradian", "grads"] angle 0.015707963267949 ["<radian>"]/["<1>"]
<radian> rad ["rad", "radian", "radians"] angle 1 ["<radian>"]/["<1>"]
<rotation> rotation ["rotation"] angle 6.28318530717959 ["<radian>"]/["<1>"]
<rpm> rpm ["rpm"] angular_velocity 0.10471975511966 ["<radian>"]/["<second>"]
<acre> acre ["acre", "acres"] area 316160658/78125 ["<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<hectare> hectare ["hectare"] area 10000 ["<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<sqft> sqft ["sqft"] area 145161/1562500 ["<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<sqin> sqin ["sqin"] area 16129/25000000 ["<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<farad> F ["F", "farad", "farads"] capacitance 1 ["<ampere>", "<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>", "<second>", "<second>"]/["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]
<coulomb> C ["C", "coulomb", "coulombs"] charge 1 ["<ampere>", "<second>"]/["<1>"]
<siemens> S ["S", "siemens"] conductance 1 ["<ampere>", "<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>", "<second>"]/["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]
<base-pair> bp ["bp", "base-pair"] counting 1 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<cell> cells ["cells", "cell"] counting 1 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<count> count ["count"] counting 1 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<dot> dot ["dot", "dots"] counting 1 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<dozen> doz ["doz", "dz", "dozen"] counting 12 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<each> each ["each"] counting 1 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<gross> gr ["gr", "gross"] counting 144 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<molecule> molecule ["molecule", "molecules"] counting 1 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<nucleotide> nt ["nt", "nucleotide"] counting 1 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<pixel> px ["px", "pixel", "pixels"] counting 1 ["<each>"]/["<1>"]
<cents> cents ["cents"] currency 1/100 ["<dollar>"]/["<1>"]
<dollar> USD ["USD", "dollar"] currency 1 ["<dollar>"]/["<1>"]
<ampere> A ["A", "ampere", "amperes", "amp", "amps"] current 1 ["<ampere>"]/["<1>"]
<btu> Btu ["Btu", "btu", "Btus", "btus"] energy 2320092679909671/2199023255552 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<Calorie> Cal ["Cal", "Calorie", "Calories"] energy 4184.0 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<calorie> cal ["cal", "calorie", "calories"] energy 4.184 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<erg> erg ["erg", "ergs"] energy 1/10000000 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<joule> J ["J", "joule", "joules"] energy 1 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<therm> thm ["thm", "therm", "therms", "Therm"] energy 105505600.0 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<dyne> dyn ["dyn", "dyne"] force 1/100000 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<newton> N ["N", "newton", "newtons"] force 1 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<poundal> pdl ["pdl", "poundal", "poundals"] force 17281869297/125000000000 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<pound-force> lbf ["lbf", "pound-force"] force 8896443230521/2000000000000 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<becquerel> Bq ["Bq", "becquerel", "becquerels"] frequency 1 ["<1>"]/["<second>"]
<bpm> bpm ["bpm"] frequency 1/60 ["<each>"]/["<second>"]
<cpm> cpm ["cpm"] frequency 1/60 ["<each>"]/["<second>"]
<curie> Ci ["Ci", "curie", "curies"] frequency 37000000000.0 ["<1>"]/["<second>"]
<dpm> dpm ["dpm"] frequency 1/60 ["<each>"]/["<second>"]
<hertz> Hz ["Hz", "hertz"] frequency 1 ["<1>"]/["<second>"]
<lux> lux ["lux"] illuminance 1 ["<candela>", "<steradian>"]/["<meter>", "<meter>"]
<henry> H ["H", "henry", "henries"] inductance 1 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<ampere>", "<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<bit> b ["b", "bit"] information 1/8 ["<byte>"]/["<1>"]
<byte> B ["B", "byte", "bytes"] information 1 ["<byte>"]/["<1>"]
<angstrom> ang ["ang", "angstrom", "angstroms"] length 1/10000000000 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<AU> AU ["AU", "astronomical-unit"] length 149597870700 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<fathom> fathom ["fathom", "fathoms"] length 1143/625 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<foot> ft ["ft", "foot", "feet", "'"] length 381/1250 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<furlong> fur ["fur", "furlong", "furlongs"] length 25146/125 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<inch> in ["in", "inch", "inches", "\""] length 127/5000 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<league> league ["league", "leagues"] length 603504/125 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<light-minute> lmin ["lmin", "light-minute"] length 17987547480 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<light-second> ls ["ls", "lsec", "light-second"] length 299792458 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<light-year> ly ["ly", "light-year"] length 9460528412464108 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<meter> m ["m", "meter", "meters", "metre", "metres"] length 1 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<mile> mi ["mi", "mile", "miles"] length 201168/125 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<mil> mil ["mil", "mils"] length 127/5000000 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<naut-league> nleague ["nleague", "nleagues", "naut-league"] length 5556 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<naut-mile> nmi ["nmi", "M", "NM", "naut-mile"] length 1852 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<parsec> pc ["pc", "parsec", "parsecs"] length 3.08568025088532e+16 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<pica> P ["P", "pica", "picas"] length 127/30000 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<point> point ["point", "points"] length 127/360000 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<redshift> z ["z", "red-shift", "redshift"] length 130277299999999992243683328 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<rod> rd ["rd", "rod", "rods"] length 12573/2500 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<survey-foot> sft ["sft", "sfoot", "sfeet", "survey-foot"] length 1200/3937 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<yard> yd ["yd", "yard", "yards"] length 1143/1250 ["<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<decibel> dB ["dB", "decibel", "decibels"] logarithmic 1 ["<decibel>"]/["<1>"]
<candela> cd ["cd", "candela"] luminosity 1 ["<candela>"]/["<1>"]
<lumen> lm ["lm", "lumen"] luminous_power 1 ["<candela>", "<steradian>"]/["<1>"]
<gauss> G ["G", "gauss"] magnetism 1/10000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<maxwell> Mx ["Mx", "maxwell", "maxwells"] magnetism 1/100000000 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<oersted> Oe ["Oe", "oersted", "oersteds"] magnetism 79.5774715459477 ["<ampere>"]/["<meter>"]
<tesla> T ["T", "tesla", "teslas"] magnetism 1 ["<kilogram>"]/["<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<weber> Wb ["Wb", "weber", "webers"] magnetism 1 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<AMU> u ["u", "AMU", "amu"] mass 1/602214128999999968641024 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<carat> ct ["ct", "carat", "carats"] mass 1/5000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<dalton> Da ["Da", "dalton", "daltons"] mass 1/602214128999999968641024 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<gram> g ["g", "gram", "grams", "gramme", "grammes"] mass 1/1000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<kilogram> kg ["kg", "kilogram", "kilograms"] mass 1 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<metric-ton> tonne ["tonne", "metric-ton"] mass 1000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<ounce> oz ["oz", "ounce", "ounces"] mass 45359237/1600000000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<pound> lbs ["lbs", "lb", "lbm", "pound-mass", "pound", "pounds", "#"] mass 45359237/100000000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<short-ton> tn ["tn", "ton", "tons", "short-tons", "short-ton"] mass 45359237/50000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<slug> slug ["slug", "slugs"] mass 8896443230521/609600000000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<1>"]
<molar> M ["M", "molar"] molar_concentration 1000 ["<mole>"]/["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]
<volt> V ["V", "volt", "volts"] potential 1 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<horsepower> hp ["hp", "horsepower"] power 37284993579113511/50000000000000 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<watt> W ["W", "Watt", "watt", "watts"] power 1 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<atm> atm ["atm", "ATM", "atmosphere", "atmospheres"] pressure 101325 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<meter>"]
<bar> bar ["bar", "bars"] pressure 100000.0 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<meter>"]
<cmh2o> cmH2O ["cmH2O", "cmh2o", "cmAq"] pressure 196133/2000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<meter>"]
<inh2o> inH2O ["inH2O", "inh2o", "inAq"] pressure 24908891/100000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<meter>"]
<inHg> inHg ["inHg"] pressure 190636732734642608180389/56294995342131200000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<meter>"]
<mmHg> mmHg ["mmHg"] pressure 1501076635705847308507/11258999068426240000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<meter>"]
<pascal> Pa ["Pa", "pascal", "pascals"] pressure 1 ["<kilogram>"]/["<meter>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<psi> psi ["psi"] pressure 8896443230521/1290320000 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<meter>"]
<torr> Torr ["Torr", "torr"] pressure 20265/152 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<second>", "<meter>"]
<gray> Gy ["Gy", "gray", "grays"] radiation 1 ["<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<sievert> Sv ["Sv", "sievert", "sieverts"] radiation 1 ["<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>", "<second>"]
<roentgen> R ["R", "roentgen"] radiation_exposure 0.000258 ["<ampere>", "<second>"]/["<kilogram>"]
<ohm> Ohm ["Ohm", "ohm", "ohms"] resistance 1 ["<kilogram>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<ampere>", "<ampere>", "<second>", "<second>", "<second>"]
<steradian> sr ["sr", "steradian", "steradians"] solid_angle 1 ["<steradian>"]/["<1>"]
<fps> fps ["fps"] speed 381/1250 ["<meter>"]/["<second>"]
<knot> kt ["kt", "kn", "kts", "knot", "knots"] speed 463/900 ["<meter>"]/["<second>"]
<kph> kph ["kph"] speed 0.277777777777778 ["<meter>"]/["<second>"]
<mph> mph ["mph"] speed 1397/3125 ["<meter>"]/["<second>"]
<mole> mol ["mol", "mole"] substance 1 ["<mole>"]/["<1>"]
<celsius> degC ["degC", "celsius", "centigrade"] temperature 1 ["<kelvin>"]/["<1>"]
<fahrenheit> degF ["degF", "fahrenheit"] temperature 2501999792983609/4503599627370496 ["<kelvin>"]/["<1>"]
<kelvin> degK ["degK", "kelvin"] temperature 1 ["<kelvin>"]/["<1>"]
<rankine> degR ["degR", "rankine"] temperature 2501999792983609/4503599627370496 ["<kelvin>"]/["<1>"]
<tempC> tempC ["tempC"] temperature 1 ["<tempK>"]/["<1>"]
<tempF> tempF ["tempF"] temperature 2501999792983609/4503599627370496 ["<tempK>"]/["<1>"]
<tempK> tempK ["tempK"] temperature 1 ["<tempK>"]/["<1>"]
<tempR> tempR ["tempR"] temperature 255.927777777778 ["<tempK>"]/["<1>"]
<century> century ["century", "centuries"] time 3155692600 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<day> d ["d", "day", "days"] time 86400 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<decade> decade ["decade", "decades"] time 315569260 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<fortnight> fortnight ["fortnight", "fortnights"] time 1209600 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<hour> h ["h", "hr", "hrs", "hour", "hours"] time 3600 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<minute> min ["min", "minute", "minutes"] time 60 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<month> Month ["month", "mon", "months", "mons", "mo"] time 2629743.83333333 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<second> s ["s", "sec", "second", "seconds"] time 1 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<week> wk ["wk", "week", "weeks"] time 604800 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<year> y ["y", "yr", "year", "years", "annum"] time 31556926 ["<second>"]/["<1>"]
<percent> % ["%", "percent"] unitless 1/100
<ppb> ppb ["ppb"] unitless 1/1000000000
<ppm> ppm ["ppm"] unitless 1/1000000
<poise> P ["P", "poise"] viscosity 1/10 ["<kilogram>"]/["<second>", "<meter>"]
<stokes> St ["St", "stokes"] viscosity 1/10000 ["<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>"]
<cup> cu ["cu", "cup", "cups"] volume 473176473/2000000000000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<fluid-ounce> floz ["floz", "fluid-ounce", "fluid-ounces"] volume 473176473/16000000000000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<gallon> gal ["gal", "gallon", "gallons"] volume 473176473/125000000000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<liter> l ["l", "L", "liter", "liters", "litre", "litres"] volume 1/1000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<pint> pt ["pt", "pint", "pints"] volume 473176473/1000000000000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<quart> qt ["qt", "quart", "quarts"] volume 473176473/500000000000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<tablespoon> tbs ["tbs", "tbsp", "tablespoon", "tablespoons"] volume 473176473/32000000000000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<teaspoon> tsp ["tsp", "teaspoon", "teaspoons"] volume 157725491/32000000000000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<1>"]
<cfm> cfm ["cfm", "CFM", "CFPM"] volumetric_flow 18435447/39062500000 ["<meter>", "<meter>", "<meter>"]/["<second>"]
<dpi> dpi ["dpi"] wavenumber 5000/127 ["<each>"]/["<meter>"]
<ppi> ppi ["ppi"] wavenumber 5000/127 ["<each>"]/["<meter>"]

TABLE 2: Scales of Units

Below is a list of acceptable prefixes to the units provided in Table 1.
You can use a combination of the prefix from Table 2 and the actual unit name from Table 1
when you define units for measurement domain properties.

  • microgram can be used if your domain definition is ng
Prefix Name Display Name Aliases Kind Scalar Value
<1> 1 ["1"] prefix 1
<atto> a ["a", "Atto", "atto"] prefix 1/1000000000000000000
<centi> c ["c", "Centi", "centi"] prefix 1/100
<deca> da ["da", "Deca", "deca", "deka"] prefix 10.0
<deci> d ["d", "Deci", "deci"] prefix 1/10
<exa> E ["E", "Exa", "exa"] prefix 1.0e+18
<exi> Ei ["Ei", "Exi", "exi"] prefix 1152921504606846976
<femto> f ["f", "Femto", "femto"] prefix 1/1000000000000000
<gibi> Gi ["Gi", "Gibi", "gibi"] prefix 1073741824
<giga> G ["G", "Giga", "giga"] prefix 1000000000.0
<googol> googol ["googol"] prefix 1.0e+100
<hecto> h ["h", "Hecto", "hecto"] prefix 100.0
<kibi> Ki ["Ki", "Kibi", "kibi"] prefix 1024
<kilo> k ["k", "kilo"] prefix 1000.0
<mebi> Mi ["Mi", "Mebi", "mebi"] prefix 1048576
<mega> M ["M", "Mega", "mega"] prefix 1000000.0
<micro> u ["u", "Micro", "micro", "mc"] prefix 1/1000000
<milli> m ["m", "Milli", "milli"] prefix 1/1000
<nano> n ["n", "Nano", "nano"] prefix 1/1000000000
<pebi> Pi ["Pi", "Pebi", "pebi"] prefix 1125899906842624
<peta> P ["P", "Peta", "peta"] prefix 1.0e+15
<pico> p ["p", "Pico", "pico"] prefix 1/1000000000000
<tebi> Ti ["Ti", "Tebi", "tebi"] prefix 1099511627776
<tera> T ["T", "Tera", "tera"] prefix 1000000000000.0
<yebi> Yi ["Yi", "Yebi", "yebi"] prefix 1208925819614629174706176
<yocto> y ["y", "Yocto", "yocto"] prefix 1/999999999999999983222784
<yotta> Y ["Y", "Yotta", "yotta"] prefix 1.0e+24
<zebi> Zi ["Zi", "Zebi", "zebi"] prefix 1180591620717411303424
<zepto> z ["z", "Zepto", "zepto"] prefix 1/1000000000000000000000
<zetta> Z ["Z", "Zetta", "zetta"] prefix 1.0e+21

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