Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) is a public access data repository. It is a public functional genomics data repository supporting MIAME-compliant data submissions. Array- and sequence-based data are accepted.
The ERCC Data Coordination Center developed this wiki to guide ERCC members on how to submit their data to dbGaP or GEO, after they have submitted their data to the exRNA Atlas.

GEO submission requires filling out the metadata sheet for the submission.
Please follow the instructions from the full submission guide below for small/long RNAseq or qPCR.
The ERCC DCC can also facilitate the submission, please email us at
We will require the following:
  • GDS certificate from your institution,
  • PI's GEO ID
  • Release date for the dataset
  • Completed submission to the exRNA Atlas.

Data Submission to GEO for Small/Long RNAseq

Full Submission Guide for Small/Long RNAseq From GEO

GEO Submission Guide for Small/Long RNA

Submission Requirements

Submit to GEO via FTP

  • Sign in to GEO.
    • Obtain the personalized space.
    • Obtain the FTP server credentials (the password changes over time).
  • Connect to the FTP host address via third-party software, FileZilla, etc.
    • Navigate to the personalized space.
    • Create a folder with a meaningful name in the personalized space.
    • Upload the metadata sheet, processed data, and raw data files.
  • Notify GEO.
    • Select "Notify GEO about your FTP file transfer".
    • Fill out the form after the files have been transferred.

Data Submission to GEO for qPCR

Full Submission Guide for qPCR From GEO

GEO Submission Guide for qPCR

Submission Requirements

  • Filled out metadata sheet. qPCR metadata template
  • Matrix non-normalized worksheet (second tab in the template).
  • Matrix normalized worksheet (third tab in the template).

Make sure the amount of samples matches in the metadata sheet and the two matrices

Submit to GEO via Webform

  • Sign in to GEO.
  • Select "Transfer files to GEO with web form".
  • Upload the metadata sheet and fill out the form.

Also available in: HTML TXT