How do I upload files onto the Genboree Workbench?

  1. Go to
    • Log in if necessary
  2. Click on the 'Workbench' tab or directly visit the Workbench
  3. Drag the Database to the Output Targets window
  4. Select Data » Files » Transfer Files
  5. Browse to locate the file you wish to upload
  6. (Optionally) Click 'Unpack / Extract File' if you wish to unpack a multi-file archive (more than one file) or wish to decompress your uploaded file
  7. (Optionally) Click 'Convert to Unix' if you have a single file that was created / edited in Windows or Mac that has non-standard Unix line endings
  8. (Optionally) Enter a sub-folder name (if you wish to organize your uploaded files within the 'Files' directory)
  9. (Optionally) Enter a file description
  10. Click Submit

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