Explore, share, and contribute nanoparticle flow cytometry experiments annotated according to the MIFlowCyt-EV standards.

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The NanoFlow Repository provides the bioinformatics infrastructure for nanoflow data, computational deconvolution methods, and informatics tools developed by NCI to complement, computationally validate, and integrate single label/antigen cytometry quantitation and single EV RNA/DNA detection methods using molecular labels.


  • 3.1.0

    Improved Flow Cytometer summary count calculation. (2024-04-03)

  • 2.10.1

    Introduced the inaugural MIFlowCyt-EV editor as part of a beta release. (2023-09-23)

  • 2.9.1

    Updated NanoFlow App batch data submission. (2023-04-26)

  • 2.7.1

    Revamped landing page. (2022-09-03)

  • 2.6.0

    Significant overhaul to a server side rendered application for increased performance. (2022-08-23)

Publicly Available FCS File Count by Flow Cytometer Flow Cytometer FCS File Count 482971127